🏔️ A heap of Improvements to the Adalo + Xano Database Setup Flow
The Adalo Editor
  • If we can’t find the endpoints we need for your users collection, we’ll show a helpful error message now.
    If you’re curious, we expect the endpoints to be named “User” or “users” (capitalization doesn’t matter!)
  • We’re now including Authorization headers for all requests to Xano collections. This has always been possible, but now it is enabled by default and included automatically. Security FTW!
  • We added resiliency to the Users & Auth setup step by checking both the Get One and Get All endpoints for user properties. Sometimes, one of those endpoints would return an empty object, and that would prevent us from listing the correct the properties in the Users collection.
  • When the Xano Users collection is refreshed, we now remove properties that are no longer present.